About us

Green Media is dedicated to establishing and building effective partnerships, within the international development and sustainable development sectors.

We do this by addressing global challenges, by facilitating high-level collaborations between businesses, governments and NGOs, and by delivering business insight and intelligence to our clients, partners and community.

Unique in that we focus on both sectors simultaneously, our global communications platform compromises a portfolio of industry forums, exhibitions and conferences, supported by a range of authoritative publications and reports which we publish in partnership with UN agencies and leading NGOs.

Our work

Green Media’s work on sustainable development is centred on climate change and the green economy. This is primarily delivered via Climate Action Programme in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Climate Action has developed into an annual publication, website (climateactionprogramme.org), and Sustainable Innovation Forum, which takes place alongside the United Nations Framework and Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP) on an annual basis. In addition we organise the Sustainable Innovation Expo alongside the Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GMEF) which is held annually at UNEP Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

Newly added to the portfolio this year is our ‘Sustainable Cities’ publication, which was published in partnership with the leading NGOs in the built environment sector and was launched at the ‘Rio+20’ Earth Summit, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Our work within international development focuses on the Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) - the world leading forum for the humanitarian aid, relief and development sectors which facilitates partnerships, addresses global humanitarian and development issues and encourages the sharing of expertise. AIDF takes place annually in Washington DC and brings together decision makers from UN, government, intergovernmental organisations, NGOs and the corporate sector who are involved in the delivery of humanitarian aid relief and development.

In 2013, AIDF will be launching AIDF Asia-Pacific; a dedicated forum for the Asia Pacific market which will be taking place in Bangkok, Thailand between 30-31 January.

Our clients include